Dive centers

Dive centers

Diving in Odessa

According to many experts, the Black sea, which belongs to Ukraine, is priceless underwater heritage. Many believe that in any other place are there so many sunken ships, archaeological sites that were able to capture the traces of history from antiquity to world war II.


1. Beach dive:

Our dive centre is located directly at the water (50 meters). It is located at the address : Lidersovskiy Boulevard, 1 ( hotel M1).

At any time you can come to us with their equipment or we will issue you everything you need. And you will accompanied by our instructors to practice all of the skills in shallow water (up to 8 metres).


2. The wreck diving(boat diving):

We have two  diving boats. This means that we can at any time to arrange a dive in the Gulf of Odessa. The benefit in the Odessa Bay is something to experience: Sulina, Onega, Bryansk, Patagonia and other objects. Depths in the Gulf of Odessa of up to 25 meters, which means that all objects are suitable even for beginners.


3. Also in our dive-center is a service of sup boarding. SUP stands for Stand Up Paddle (rowing standing). To move through the water used Board like a surf-longboard, only larger and more stable. SUP boarding, in fact, the national sport of the native Hawaiians, the same as we have towns. The ancient Hawaiians loved to be compared to surfboards, and the largest reaching a length of 6 m, was kings and Queens. Catch the wave on this log, raking hands, so royals like Kamehameha the Great (1758-1819), as a rule, were out surfing with a long paddle in his hands. With the advent of the British imperialists Hawaiian culture went into decline, and about stand up paddle boards, forgot until the end of the twentieth century.



Diving in Kiev



The first question in this phrase as "diving in Kiev" occurs in most people of this kind "and he's there?". It's simple: in a nutshell, diving is where there is money.

If you approach the issue of diving in Kiev less philosophical and more specifically, it is: the first (most important) – training in the pool has not been canceled, it is the most integral part, and in any case should not be ignored. Very nice come on my day off in the pool, extra time to practice skills, try new equipment, if any.

Swimming pools in Kiev, allowing you to dive with equipment missing.

If you have a certain outfit you can go dive in a quarry Pashinsky (Coristine). The distance from Kiev is just 150 kilometers. Drive up almost to the water, providing a comfortable and, most importantly, not a long procedure for carrying equipment. The maximum depth in this location 54 meters, which allows you to make and challenging technical dives.

Water temperature suitable to the word "energizing" - a dry suit. After this the waters of Egypt, the resorts seem pool.

Here is a quick description of just one of the place for Kiev lovers to experience. But at desire and corresponding possibilities it is possible to go to another place, they are enough Desenka, White lake, Diamond lake, Malyn quarry.